Collectors/jewellery boxes

 The dimensions are 408 mm wide, 278 mm deep, 157 mm high. The tops of the walnut and ash boxes are burr veneered, the oak top is a book matched piece of wild, rippled oak. The handles are carved and turned. The top section has ten compartments, the internal measurements are six at 85mm x 53mm, four at 85mm x 114mm, all 48mm deep. The drawers are not compartmentalized, the internal measurements of the drawers are 135mm wide x 232mm, 38mm deep. The base for the compartments and drawers is black baize. There is a marquetry image of a fictitious bird on the underside of the ash top, and a marquetry image of a ballerina on the underside of the walnut top. Brusso quadrant hinges.


 Jewellery/collectors box in walnut & burr walnut veneer









 Jewellery/collectors box in oak






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 Jewellery/collectors box in ash & burr ash veneer