Single panelled lid jewellery boxes

The dimensions are 260mm wide, 180mm deep, 96mm high. There are two trays 20mm deep with a 20mm space below the bottom tray. They are rebated to slot onto each other, the bottom tray sits on pieces fixed to the box sides. There is a gap either side of the trays so that air can easily escape when the trays are placed in the box. As with all my boxes the carcases are jointed using hand-cut dovetails and have my signature logo carved on one of the inner sides. All the edges are rounded off to give a nice “tactile” feel.

The lids have a gentle curve on the front edge to act as a finger catch and are of frame and solid panel construction with quality brusso hinges that stop the lid opening more than 95 degrees.


ash-1-panel-jewellery-box-mJewellery box in ash

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Jewellery box in elm