To make a box

walnut collectors boxFor those of you interested in the construction of a box here is an in depth look at the process of making this walnut collectors box. Hover over To make a box  on the navigation bar to open all To make a box pages.









I decided to make a mock up in mdf for this box to check that my dimensions were in proportion.


Having made a trip to the timber yard to select the walnut I planed it to size from a rough plank. I use a hand plane to remove any machine marks.


The board is then cut to the lengths of the 4 sides.


I begin the process of dovetailing by marking the depth of the tails with a marking gauge.


The tails are marked on the end of the board. Here I have begun to cut the tails, the mirror shows me where to stop the saw on the back of the board.


Once the waste is removed form between the tails I use a very sharp chisel to pair to the line marked in with the marking gauge.


Once the tails are cut I position the front dovetailed board onto the side and use a scalpel to mark the position of the tails.


This is a homemade jig used to transfer the pin position onto the face of the side board.

 I go into much more detail about the dovetailing process on my sister website.


Once the tails and pins are cut it’s the moment of truth when I do a dry fit to see what the joints are like.


I then go round with a large hand plane to even up any discrepancies.