Personalised Boxes


You can have your box personalised with carved lettering. I can fit a panel with lettering on it to most of the boxes I have for sale or I can carve straight onto a commissioned box.

If you would like to have a name added to a box I can carve the name onto a panel which fits on the front of the box. The example shown is a lime nameplate on an oak box. Lime is the classic carvers wood with very little grain pattern to distract the eye from the carved letters. It contrasts well with the darker timbers and blends in nicely with the lighter timbers. I can use the same timber as the box for the nameplate if you prefer.

I leave a shadow groove around the plate to “frame” it on the face of the box.

Generally I am asked to carve a name but it could be initials and numbers or a combination.  When adding a carved plate to a box already made the plate size (and therefore the letter carving) is limited by the size of the box.

On a commissioned box I can carve onto the box front or lid if you prefer.

I charge £110.00 for a carved nameplate.

To use paypal for the nameplate payment please click on the button below.

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You can also personalise your box with a single initial carved on a square plate on the front of the box. I charge £60.00 for this service. To use paypal for a single initial nameplate please click on the button below.